We tell Sicily through the baroque flavors of the past
selecting fine ingredients from our land
to offer taste and textures that are healthy and beneficial for the body and soul.


Sicilian artisan sweets, very fine almond pastries and sweets with almonds produced only by hand.

Italian excellence expressed in the ingredients selected with care and passion: Sicilian almonds from Avola, fine honeys, organic citrus fruits from Sicily and the addition of the fragrant bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.


The Mandorlada artisan biscuit is a guarantee of freshness as it produces only on order, high quality sweets without gluten or lactose.


A bouquet of flavors and aromas that envelop you in sweet and poetic sensory comfort.


Our products do not contain GMOs, preservatives, dyes, chemical flavors.

2018 London - Bellavita Expo


Three stars award,

Second Prize Food Category:




"CHEFS 'CHOISE" Special Award

Appreciation of the Chefs