Mandorlada was born in 2015 as a small artisan laboratory with a passion for almonds and things done well.

After years of studying the ancient convent recipes, we have enriched them with the excellence of raw materials, achieving an innovative balance of aromas and textures..

The ancient recipes, in fact, require fidelity in dosing the ingredients, but it is in the care of the choice of raw materials that the sensations related to memory are returned.


It is for this reason that we at Mandorlada make almond pastes using only Avola pinched almonds, we process them according to the slow and silent ritual that prevailed in the convents and we carefully select the other ingredients. We use extra-fine cane sugar, the freshest egg whites from extra shelled eggs, honey from Sicilian black bees, Slow Food Presidium and Bourbon vanilla berries from Madagascar.


This dedication translates into an excellent, healthy and refined product.